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Your business is growing! Now, you’re looking for the right people to add to your team.

You know hiring a wrong-fit costs you:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Momentum

ResumeFree streamlines your hiring process by using data driven behavioral science to identify the top-candidates for your job opening. Instead of reading resumes (that can lie) and holding interviews with endless candidates (that can be time wasters), ResumeFree delivers pre-screened, pre-ranked, and easily identifiable top candidates straight to your email. Your future candidates only need to take a 35 minute or less screening and in turn we provide them with a copy of their Greatest Strengths Report as a thank you!

Let’s take you through the ResumeFree Candidate Screening process!

hands typing an email
hands typing an email

Streamline Your Hiring Process and go ResumeFree

Sign up for your ResumeFree account and begin to create a job posting. Don't worry, using ResumeFree is simple and fast - because the last thing you have time for is learning another tool

One of our experts will be in touch with you to help you build and ideal candidate profile based upon your business and open position. Once complete we will supply you with a custom link for applicants

Once the profile is ready, you'll get a direct link to your job posting on ResumeFree - this is where your candidates will go to perform the easy screening process

Kick back and relax! We use 170+ traits to scientifically screen and assess candidates that match your ideal candidate profile.

You'll receive a list of pre-screened candidates every day, so you can schedule interviews with the right people

ResumeFree's Additional Benefits

Minimize Bias

ResumeFree works to minimize bias in screening, using empirically-established trait assessments. This helps you hire fairly and find outstanding candidates that could otherwise be missed in the pile of resumes.

Comply With Legislation

Our assessment algorithms are 100% compliant with employment legislation requirements and help reduce your risk in the hiring process. Rest easy knowing your hiring practices are based on trusted science.

Data-Backed Decisions

You use data every day to guide your finances, marketing, and sales. Why not your hiring process? Get the data you need to make a well-researched and informed hiring decision - not a gut decision.

Uncover The Truth

People can lie and exaggerate when they're talking about their experience and skills. We use advanced algorithms to check the information candidates provide. If they're stretching the truth (or flat-out lying), you'll be the first to know.

Transparent Pricing. Unrivaled Value.

We’ve based our precise assessment formulas on 30+ years of reliable scientific research. The result? You’ll hire the right candidate in less time for zero hassle. Biggest question is, can you afford to keep hiring the old-school way?

Need to screen for one hiring campaign? $2499 USD.

If you are scaling your organization, we have monthly plans starting at $299 USD per month.

people in meeting room
people in meeting room

It's time to start growing your team the right way, here's what you get with a ResumeFree Complete Candidate Screening Package:

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